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Jean Buttons

Looking for a new surrogate to add personality to your fashion looks? Search no more than the Jean buttons! These new pants-like pieces have a waistband and metal tack waistband that reduce the seems on the waistband to create a more modern look, the jeans jacket grants a metal tack waistband that hemmed and hemmed the sleeves to a modern look.

Jean Button

How to use: 1, patch the fabric over the button. Place the patch over the button and make sure it's well hidden, the button will now work in the jeans. Use your fingers to press and pull the jeans in towards the front, you can also do this with your hands if needed. The new Buttons will need to get close to the old button, press and pull the old button until it ony button is near the top. Patch the fabric over the button and press it into the button's top, ourselves our hands and press and pull the jeans in towards the front. Our button will now work in the jeans, this is a sensational for enthusiasts who desiderate a button-up look without going too crazy. The jeans Buttons will let you do just that, the metal Buttons will make a good addition to shirt or blouse. These are the right Buttons for your jeans! Our six sets of replacement jeans Buttons make a beneficial pants button, the 17 mm size is sensational for your jeans, and the quick fit makes them comfortable and uncomplicated to wear. This is an 6 button that is used to add a binding post for the levis w1 model, the button can be used to replace the old button with better quality brass buttons.